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How can I get long lashes for my wedding day?

Getting Luscious Lashes

Ok, so you weren't born with long lashes. That's why they invented false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. You can still have amazing eyelashes with a little help.

False eyelashes come in individual as well as strip form. Strip eyelashes are much easier for the beginner to apply. They both come in a variety of colors, lengths and thicknesses for you're choosing. After application, false eyelashes will last a day or two. A medium length and black colored lashes will usually work with most brides.

Eyelash extensions are individual eyelashes that are glued on to yours and will last several weeks. They are typically done by a professional and cost upwards of $100. If you choose false eyelashes, it's best to get the products ahead of time so that you can practice several times on yourself before the big day. And if you choose eyelash extensions, leave it to the professionals to make you look your best. Either option will leave you with the luscious lashes you've always wanted..

Should I accentuate my eyes, lips or both when applying makeup?

Accentuating Your Assets

If you are one of those lucky brides that have alluring eyes, you should highlight them with pretty eye makeup on your wedding day. And if you are a bride with those luscious lips, you should emphasize them with a great lip color. But you should not call attention to both.

When you call attention to both your eyes and lips, you can end up looking more like a colorful clown than a blushing bride. To accentuate beautiful eyes, line them with dark eyeliner. Also, using rich eye shadow colors on your lids will help dramatize the eyes. When accentuating the eyes this way, downplay the lips by using a nude or flesh colored lipstick.

If you want to make your pout pretty and as vivid as can be, use a lip color that has some depth to it. You can use virtually any color, so long as it makes your lips really stand out. Crimson red, mahogany and pinks are some bridal favorites. When you emphasize your lips, try to use neutral eye shadow colors along with just a coat or two of mascara on the eyes.

What is the best way to conceal my beauty problems?

Beauty Problems..Be Gone!

You may have beauty problems that you would like to just disappear on your wedding day. You can make those problems vanish temporarily by using the proper concealer and using it correctly.

For under-eye circles, use a liquid or cream concealer and apply it with your ring finger by patting under the eye. Using your finger instead of a sponge will ensure that your product goes on more natural looking. If you wake up on your wedding day with a blemish, try using a medicated concealer so that it will fix the problem while it conceals it. And if you have any facial scars that you want to hide, layer your concealer over the scar using a concealer or foundation brush, then smooth out the edges with a sponge to blend. Any beauty problem can be concealed with the proper products and techniques.

What mascara should I use on my wedding day?

Tearproof Your Makeup With Magical Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a necessity on your wedding day so make sure you bring it to your makeup appointment. No one wants their wedding day glow to be overshadowed by big black streaks running down their face.

When applying waterproof mascara, take your time to coat every single lash. Waterproof mascara is not usually made to lengthen, thicken or curl your lashes, so you have to spend time applying it to make it look as flawless as some other mascara brands. Another tip to tear proof your wedding is to blot, not wipe or rub your tears with Kleenex. Blotting your tears soaks up wetness without disturbing the rest of your makeup like wiping or rubbing them would. So for a streak free wedding day, make sure you remember that waterproof mascara and blot, don't rub those tears away.

what should I know if I am doing my own makeup for my wedding?

DIY Makeup Hints

If you are the DIY type of bride and plan on doing your makeup solo, keep these things in mind:

-Everyday makeup is often too little to be seen in photographs, so use a little richer or deeper color for your eyes, cheeks and lips.

-Using a lighter moisturizer than normal will help your foundation and face makeup adhere to your skin better. It will also ensure that your makeup doesn't melt off your face in hot weather.

-Try a few different looks ahead of time and take Polaroid's or digital pictures of yourself to see how it looks in photos.

Remember that how you look in pictures will usually be slightly different than how you look in person, so adjust your makeup accordingly.

How can I cover my tattoo?

Temporarily Erase a Tattoo

Perhaps you have a tattoo on your back that is reminiscent of your old college days. Never fear, there are plenty of products on the market specifically for the hiding of your ink. Tattoo cover-up makeup is a thicker and longer lasting form of makeup than your average foundation. It goes on in layers over your tattoo to disguise even the most colorful ink. Have your makeup artist or a friend apply this before you put on your dress.

What color do I fill in my brows with?

Beautiful Brows Make a Beautiful Bride

Perfectly shaped brows can make a dramatic and striking impact on your entire face. Follow these tips for beautiful brows on your wedding day:

-For blondes, color in your brows one shade darker than your hair color to make them stand out and to frame your face.

-Brunettes should have brows that are one to two shades lighter than their hair color so that their eyebrows don't look too harsh.

-For barely there brows, fill them in with a powder eyebrow color.

-Taming unruly brows is easy with an eyebrow brush sprayed with a bit of hairspray or use a clear mascara to tame them.

-To control lengthy brow hairs, comb brows straight up and trim excess hair with facial hair scissors, then comb straight down and trim up excess as well.

A professional esthetician should be shaping your eyebrows every two to three weeks, but in between you should tweeze any stray strands to keep your brows looking beautiful.

What should I pack in my makeup bag?

Makeup Bag Must-Haves

With all the prep work that goes into wedding makeup, you still will have to do a touchup here and there throughout the day. Pack these must-haves in your makeup bag for touchups:

-Pressed powder or oil blotting papers to steer clear of shine.

-Lipstick for a beautiful and vibrant smile.

-Blush for an extra boost of color.

-An eyebrow comb/brush for smoothing untamed brows.

-Perfume for a quick spritz mid way through the reception. For a purse sized bottle, head to the perfume counter at your local department store and ask for a sample of your favorite scent.

Stash a makeup bag in the bathroom or under the table for quick and effortless touchups throughout the wedding.

How do I apply lipstick flawlessly?

Get the Perfect Pout

Get luscious lips with these simple steps:

-Exfoliate all dead skin off lips with a wash cloth.

-Apply a lip balm before you begin.

-Ensure that your lip color will last by applying foundation to your lips.

-Outline your kisser with a lip pencil.

-Using a lip brush, fill in the outline with your lip color. The lip brush will give even coverage.

-Blot with a tissue in the end to give your lips a matte finish.

-If you want more of a shimmery look, use lip gloss as an alternative to lipstick.

Lip color is essential on your wedding day because it gives you a touch of color pulls your wedding day makeup together.

What can I do to downplay my wrinkles when applying makeup?

Downplay Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles

If you are concerned about your wrinkles and fine lines showing on your wedding day, go easy on your powder. Powder settles into fine lines and wrinkles which calls attention to them. Just dust powder onto your forehead, nose and chin since these spots tend to get the shiniest. Avoid your eye, cheek and neck area if you want to look youthful.

How can I look tan for my wedding without the damaging effects of the sun?

A Faux Bridal Glow

Get a bridal faux glow using a bronzer on your wedding day. Fake a pre-honeymoon tan with a matte bronzer. Shimmery or pearlescent bronzers will look too sparkly and shiny in pictures. When applying your bronzer, remember that less is more. Too little bronzer and you will still have a slight glow, but too much bronzer can leave you looking orange. Test your bronzer out a few times before the wedding day to get the application down perfectly. Apply a bronzing powder lightly with a large powder brush all over your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin to get an instant faux glow!

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