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Is there any way I can involve a charity in my wedding?

Brides Being Compassionate

A wedding is a time to reflect on not only your own life, but those around you. When choosing a dress, try and think of ways you can help others with your dress. There are many charities that accept dress donations to help their cause. For example, Brides against Breast Cancer collects donated wedding dresses and sells them at a fraction of the price and then the proceeds of the sales benefits women fighting breast cancer. The I Do Foundation also collects new and used wedding gowns and ten percent of the sales go to the donator's charity of choice. If you are looking to make a difference when planning your wedding, these are examples of great opportunities to do so.

Is there any colorful wedding dress options?

Colorful and Bright Brides

As a bride, you sit and dream about what your dress will look like, and sometimes a bride wants more than just options in shades of white. If you are a non-traditional bride and are looking for something more colorful, you are in luck. More and more bridal retailers are offering multicolored and vibrantly colored dresses. Perhaps you have always dreamed of walking down the aisle in a puffy pink dress. Many brides want to tie in the color scheme of the wedding with their dress. Easy ways to do so include:

  • Adding a colorful sash to your dress.
  • Brightly colored jewelry is a great way to tie in the color scheme of the wedding.
  • Colorful embroidery on your dress in the wedding colors is a creative option.
  • Color-washed gowns. Who says you have to wear white?
Adding a splash of color into your dress can have a very unique and distinctive impact on not only the gown, but the entire wedding.

What should the mother of the bride wear?

Dressing the Mothers

The mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses look best when they are within the color scheme of the wedding. If your colors are black and white, have the mothers wear either one or both of those colors. When you have both mothers (and other important family members) wearing the wedding colors, it signifies to others that they are your wedding VIP's. It also helps your photographer to spot the important people who need to be included in the majority of pictures. Including the colors of the wedding in the family's attire is key to pulling everything together.

How can I pick a bridesmaid dress that everyone agrees on?

Dressing the Maids

Bridesmaid dresses are notoriously ridiculed by the women wearing them. Don't let your bridesmaids be the laughing stock of the wedding, choose something chic and stylish for all the ladies involved.

A fresh idea when it comes to bridesmaid dresses is to pick a color related to the wedding and let the bridesmaids choose their own dresses. This way you tie in your color scheme and the bridesmaid dresses, but your maids can choose a dress that flatters them. Another popular bridesmaid style is the coordinated separates dresses. You can choose the color and bottoms of your bridesmaid dresses and they get to choose the top that suit them best. The tops can include halter, sleeveless, strapless or spaghetti strapped.

If you are going for a more traditional theme and want each bridesmaid to wear the same dress, try and pick something that is universally flattering for them. You don't want to look back on your wedding pictures and think of how hideous the bridesmaid dresses are; you want to look back and admire how beautiful everything looked, including the bridesmaid dresses.

What should I wear under my wedding gown?

Bridal Lingerie

After you have finally found The Perfect Dress, it is important that you find the perfect underwear. Wedding dress lingerie can help compliment your shape and make your silhouette look smooth underneath the dress. There are a variety of options when it comes to dress undergarments.

If you want something to suck, tuck and boost your bust, choose a bustier. A bustier will control any tummy bulges and will boost any bust that you currently carry. The boning in a bustier gives great support where it's needed and keeps everything in place so it would be a perfect choice under any strapless dress.

Slips are an excellent option for chiffon or lace gowns, as those dresses tend to be sheer. Slips offer an additional layer for discretion without any bulk. Other options for backless or sheer gowns include bra petals that simply adhere to the breast area for a more modest look than wearing nothing at all.

To boost your backside, your options include padded butt boosters or thigh shaping hosiery. The butt boosters add a little extra padding for those who need it and the thigh shaping hosiery will smooth out hips, legs and thighs. When choosing your dress, don't forget to purchase your bridal lingerie. No matter what your problem area is, you're sure to find an undergarment to fix it.

What wedding dress styles will flatter my figure?

Figure Flattering

Finding a figure flattering gown can become a daunting task when searching for The Dress. Knowing what you are looking for when it comes to complimenting your shape will help you greatly. Curvy brides benefit from the figure forgiving shape of A-line dresses or empire-waist styles.

A great way to downplay a large bust area is with a strapless dress with internal boning. A dress with big, wide straps will keep your cleavage from making their own appearance. If your figure needs a little boost, try wearing pleats or a plummeting neckline, both will enhance anything you've got on your own. A dropped waisted, full skirt gown can also give a boyish body some much needed curves.

Remember that what looks great on someone else may not flatter you and vice versa. When choosing your wedding gown make sure you pick something that is flattering for you and your body shape.

Who are the best designers for wedding dresses?

Designer Dress Diva

Designer dress lovers know who they are. They are the women who wait by the mailbox every month for the latest issue of Vogue and they are they are the brides who will settle for nothing less than the best. If you are a designer diva, here are some great designers for you to consider when buying your wedding dress:

  • Monique Lhuillier. This designer has taken the fashion industry by storm. She is a well established designer who has been well received by all brides to be.
  • Justin McCaffrey is a world renown name noted for their ‘dresses that have no answers'.
  • Reem Acra is a well publicized clothing designer company that is recognized for their beautiful use of embroidery.
  • Melissa Sweet is known for their luxurious fabrics and has recently joined forces with Priscilla of Boston.
An innovative and chic idea for your wedding is to choose two different dresses. Choose one style for the ceremony and one for the reception. More and more brides are opting for two separate dresses because they like the flexibility of having two, one traditional dress for the walking down the aisle and then one that is a little less stiff and bulky for dancing at the reception.

Couture wedding dresses are gaining in popularity. Couture wedding dresses are highly fashionable, one of a kind dresses that are made specifically for a bride. Designer dress divas know that a couture dress can beat out any other kind of wedding dress because it is one of a kind, unique and made specifically for them.

How can I find the perfect wedding dress but not spend a fortune on it?

For the Bride on a Budget

Not every bride is fortunate enough to have an unlimited budget for their wedding. But budgeted brides shouldn't worry because here are some creative ways to find a dream gown within their means:

  • Shop sample sales at a great bridal boutique. Sample sales offer designer dresses at a fraction of the cost.
  • Consignment shops offer wedding gowns that were gently used or possibly never even used at a minimal price.
  • Online auctions such as E-bay offer new, used and heirloom wedding dresses to you. Simply place your bid and cross your fingers.
  • Outlet stores often carry wedding dresses at a very small price as well. You may have to look through racks for hours, but it could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.
  • Are you or someone you know a talented seamstress? Sew your own gown with beautiful fabrics for the cost of only the materials.
  • Honor your mother or another family member by wearing their gown. It's free and very sentimental.
Spending a fortune on your wedding dress isn't necessary to have a beautiful one. Finding a dress that makes you happy and has meaning to you is the way to go.

Is there anyone that can help me find the perfect wedding dress?

Dress Help for Hire

If finding The Dress sounds a little overwhelming to you, hire a personal stylist who can guide you in the right direction. A personal stylist has established relationships with many designers and bridal shops, and has the experience and knowledge of what gowns and styles would look best on your body type. A personal stylist takes your ideas and wishes for a wedding dress and then narrows the options down to a few dresses at a few shops. Why waste your time looking through racks and racks, when a stylist can arrive ahead of you and choose a small assortment of dresses that you would love.

If hiring a personal stylist is not within your budget, many department stores offer this service at a nominal fee when you shop with them.

How can I find the perfect wedding gown?

Picking the Perfect Dress

With the array of choices for you wedding dress, it can be a difficult decision when it comes to what you want. These tips will help you choose the perfect dress for you:

  • Look through magazines and catalogs and tear out pictures that peak your interest.
  • Only look at gowns within your price range. There is no sense in looking at dresses you cannot afford.
  • Keep an open mind when choosing a dress style, narrow down your choices after you've tried a variety of styles on. Then you can see what style looks best on you.
  • Place your order several months ahead of time. Take into consideration that you will need several fittings before the dress is ready so you should allow enough time for this.
  • Don't bring too many friends or family members with you. Two or three people are a sufficient amount to gather opinions.
  • White doesn't always flatter every skin tone. Other options such as ivory and diamond white will often compliment darker skin tones better.
  • Wedding gown sizes tend to run small. Don't stress if the size is one or two sizes larger than you typically wear. That being said, don't purchase a gown that is in a size that you hope to fit into before the wedding. Purchase one in the size you currently wear and have a seamstress do multiple fittings if end up losing weight.
  • Don't purchase your gown the same day you see it. A wedding dress isn't an impulse purchase.
  • Once you've purchased the wedding dress, stop shopping. You have found what you are looking for, there is no need to look any further.
Your wedding gown should flatter your figure and enhance your best parts. Keep in mind that the dress you choose should be classic and beautiful in your eyes.

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