Beauty Problems..Be Gone!

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What is the best way to conceal my beauty problems?

Beauty Problems..Be Gone!

You may have beauty problems that you would like to just disappear on your wedding day. You can make those problems vanish temporarily by using the proper concealer and using it correctly.

For under-eye circles, use a liquid or cream concealer and apply it with your ring finger by patting under the eye. Using your finger instead of a sponge will ensure that your product goes on more natural looking. If you wake up on your wedding day with a blemish, try using a medicated concealer so that it will fix the problem while it conceals it. And if you have any facial scars that you want to hide, layer your concealer over the scar using a concealer or foundation brush, then smooth out the edges with a sponge to blend. Any beauty problem can be concealed with the proper products and techniques.



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