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What are the top 5 urban legends of wedding beauty?

Top 5 Urban Wedding Beauty Myths

There have been so many urban legends and myths floating around about what to do in a wedding day emergency situation. Here are our top 5:

1. Myth: Putting toothpaste on your pimple the night before the wedding will dry it up by morning.

Truth: Actual toothpaste may have a drying effect on the pimple, but it could also irritate sensitive skin and cause a bad reaction. It's probably best to stick with a medicated clearing serum or cream for an unexpected pimple instead.

2. Myth: Icing down your face the day of your wedding will shrink your pores.

Truth: Your pores can never be shrunk. They will always be the same size that they always have been and so on. However, you can give the illusion of smaller pores by using a face mask that tightens your skin. Note to bride: These types of masks will tighten your skin, not your pores and it's best to not try any new beauty treatment the day of your wedding.

3. Myth: If I eat chocolate the day before my wedding, I will wake up with a breakout.

Truth: There is no scientific evidence to support the fact that chocolate or sweets will cause a breakout. So go ahead and indulge a little, just don't go overboard or you'll wake up with an extra pound, not an extra pimple.

4. Myth: Shampooing your hair with beer the day of your wedding will give you extra volume and thicker hair strands.

Truth: Beer may help thicken your individual hair strands and make it appear plumper, but you will smell like BEER! Instead of shampooing with beer, try using a volumizing shampoo to give your hair a thicker appearance.

5. Myth: Preparation H can de-puff your swollen eyes on the morning of the wedding.

Truth: Preparation H is not meant for your delicate eye area, so it can cause eye irritation and drying of the skin around your eyes as well. Instead, use an eye cream specifically for this issue.

How can I get rid of red, bloodshot eyes the morning of my wedding?

Bright Eyed Quick Fix

Excitement often keeps brides up all night before her wedding. But staying up all night can also leave a bride with unsightly bloodshot eyes. If you wake up the morning of your wedding with a little red in your eyes, clear them up in a pinch with eye drops. A few in each eye will leave you with a sparkling stare that your soon-to-be hubby won't be able to take his eyes off of. For another quick pick-me-up on the day of the wedding, use a white eyeliner or light colored eye-shadow to line the inner corners of the eyes. This trick will give the bride a bright-eyed look. A little goes a long way in terms of making your eyes get their twinkle back.

What do I do if I get a stain on my wedding dress?

Dirty Dress Quick Fix

All too often, a bride glances down at her dress and notices a big fat stain! Give some stain remover wipes to your maid of honor to carry with her on your wedding day. Stain remover wipes work best when used immediately after the accident occurred. Grab one from your gal pal and rub in circular motions over the stain until virtually all traces are gone.

The best wipes to use are Shout! Wipes. These little wipes are perfect for your wedding day attire because the are safe on all colorfast washable and dry-cleanable fabrics. If someone steps on your dress, or you spill a little something on your new husbands tie, one of these little wipes will knock the stain right out. Other stains are just easier to cover up than try to rub out. Grass, lipstick, ink, wine or even a dirt stain. White chalk is another great item to keep around to cover up any one of these stains. Simply rub the white chalk over the stain to conceal it for the rest of the wedding.


Feeling Faint Quick Fix

Many brides forget to eat the morning of your wedding because of a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are too busy or too nervous or just plain forgot. If you are one of these brides and you find yourself getting dizzy before you take your walk down the aisle. Take two minutes to sit and have someone get you some juice or a few pretzels or crackers. Eating or drinking will help settle your stomach and will take away any lightheadedness that you may be feeling. And don't worry about your guests waiting for you, taking one or two minutes before you make your grand entrance will make it seem all the more dramatic. Trust us, you want your entrance to be dramatic, not your fainting spell up at the alter.

Help, I put too much perfume on, what can I do?

Stuck Zipper Quick Fix

A panic attack inducing predicament happens when the wedding dress zipper goes on the fritz. Since this is one of the last beauty steps on the wedding day, in can cause the bride to freak. To get the zipper zipping again, rub a candle, bar of white soap or wax paper on the zipper teeth to help it slide up or down again. The waxy coating will act as a lubricant, making the zipper slide up and down smoothly.

How can I hid a pimple?

Banish a Blemish Quick Fix

Its every bride's nightmare to wake up on your wedding day and see a bright red breakout. Seeing this can cause you to turn bright red with frustration. But don't get frustrated, get working on fixing the problem. The first thing you need to do is apply ice to the blemish for about ten minutes to reduce any swelling. Then apply a cotton ball soaked in astringent or witch hazel to dry that sucker out. Apply a medicated clearing cream and let dry before you apply your makeup. After the cream has dried, apply your makeup normally and don't forget to apply concealer to hide the blemish. A breakout on your wedding day doesn't have to turn into your worst nightmare if you follow this tip.

What items do I need in case of a wedding day crisis?

Wedding Day Quick Fix Bag

Packing these important items in a wedding day quick fix bag will help save you in a wedding day crisis situation:

-Brush and comb

-Bobby pins




-Mending kit


-Crazy glue

-Double stick tape

-Any medication you currently take






-Toothpaste and brush

-Safety pins


-White chalk

-Baby wipes

-Clear nail polish or nail polish that matches the color you will wear the day of the wedding

-Tampons or sanitary pads

-Stain remover cloths

-Zit medication

-Protein Bar

-Eye drops


-Cell phone

Give the emergency bag to a friend or bridesmaid to have with them on the wedding day. Having all these essential items in one bag will make sure that in case of a bridal emergency, you will be prepared.


Bridesmaid Trauma Drama Quick Fix

Bridesmaids are there to lend a helping hand to the bride on the day of her wedding. But who will lend a hand to the bridesmaids? One of the most common accidents that a bridesmaid will go through is a dress dilemma. No matter how costly or inexpensive the dress was, sure enough, buttons will pop off, spaghetti straps will snap and high heels will break. If you remember to keep a wedding day quick fix bag with you on the big day, you can help with a bridesmaid dress dilemma. The quick fix bag will contain a mending kit or super glue in case of a dress or heel emergency. Prior to the wedding day, have your dress and heels reinforced by an experienced tailor to avoid a dress disaster.

What do I do if the heat is melting my makeup?

Makeup Meltdown Quick Fix

Waking up to a scorching hot wedding day can ruin your makeup plans. To make sure that your makeup doesn't melt away in the sizzling heat, try these tips:

-Don't allow your foundation to run all over the place! Use less moisturizer and a lightweight or powder foundation to make it stay.

-Apply cream and powder blush. First apply the cream blush and then set the cream with your powder blush for long lasting color.

-Make sure your lipstick lasts by applying foundation to your lips first, then lightly dust translucent powder over the top. Run a lip-liner of the same color as your lipstick over your lips and finally apply your lipstick color for a long lasting and pretty pout.

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