Dirty Dress Quick Fix

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What do I do if I get a stain on my wedding dress?

Dirty Dress Quick Fix

All too often, a bride glances down at her dress and notices a big fat stain! Give some stain remover wipes to your maid of honor to carry with her on your wedding day. Stain remover wipes work best when used immediately after the accident occurred. Grab one from your gal pal and rub in circular motions over the stain until virtually all traces are gone.

The best wipes to use are Shout! Wipes. These little wipes are perfect for your wedding day attire because the are safe on all colorfast washable and dry-cleanable fabrics. If someone steps on your dress, or you spill a little something on your new husbands tie, one of these little wipes will knock the stain right out. Other stains are just easier to cover up than try to rub out. Grass, lipstick, ink, wine or even a dirt stain. White chalk is another great item to keep around to cover up any one of these stains. Simply rub the white chalk over the stain to conceal it for the rest of the wedding.



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