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Can you help me to figure out what hairstyle will work with my wedding gown?

Pre-Wedding Hair Pampering

Pre-wedding pampering often includes massages, facials and manicures but don't overlook pre-wedding hair pampering before your wedding day as well. Pampering your hair before the wedding can make a dramatic and positive impact on the way your hair looks, feels and behaves on your wedding day. Pre-wedding pampering includes:

  • Regular haircuts. Once every six to eight weeks will keep your hair in tip-top shape for the big day.
  • Color maintenance. Maintaining your color will ensure that it always looks fresh and bright. This is particularly important for all the pre-wedding events you will be attending.
  • Deep conditioning treatments. These will help seal moisture into your hair, as well as repair damaged locks.
  • Scalp massages. Add this service onto your regular hair treatments for a few minutes of bliss. A scalp massage will help increase circulation which will give you healthier hair that grows at an optimal speed.
Remember that taking care of your hair before the wedding is just as important as any other beauty regimen on your list.

How can I make sure I'm happy with my wedding hairstyle?

The Perfect ‘Do for You

A typical predicament for a bride is choosing a hairstyle for her wedding day. You want to look your best on your big day, but you still want to look like you. Look through pictures in wedding magazines to get ideas for your perfect hairdo. Choose a hairstyle based on the gown that you will wear. If your gown is simple, you can pull off a more intricate hairstyle. However, if your gown is more on the elaborate side, the hairstyle should be more subdued. Bring your pictures and ideas to your stylist to get her opinion. You can schedule a time with your stylist to do a few hair dress rehearsals. This will give you better ideas of how the hairstyles look on you and will help you narrow down your choices. Remember, no matter what style you choose, pick a hairstyle that will be comfortable for you to wear all day long.

Should I do a trial-run of my wedding hairstyle?

Hairstyle on Trial

You wouldn't pick out a wedding dress without trying it on, so how can you choose a hairstyle without doing the same? Scheduling a trial run of your wedding hairstyle four to six weeks before the wedding is ideal. Going through a trial run hair design is a great way to see what your stylist can do and it also allows you to make changes to the hairstyle before the big day. Bring your veil or hair accessories with you to this appointment to get the full effect. This will also give your stylist a chance to get familiar with how to attach the veil or hair accessories and where to place them.

What tips can you give me for doing my own hair for my wedding?

DIY Hair Hints

Although it is ideal that a bride have her hair done by a professional the day of her wedding, it is not always possible. Overstretched budgets can make it difficult to get a professional hairstylist for your wedding. If you are doing your own hair for your wedding, take note of these tips:

  • Materials that will come in handy include a rattail comb, bobby pins, mousse, hairspray, curling irons of different sizes, flat iron, blow dryer, hot rollers, Velcro rollers, hair pins, teasing comb, hair accessories.
  • Second day hair takes better to styling than freshly washed hair.
  • Practice your style at least twice before your wedding day to make sure you can achieve your desired result.
  • Use hairspray sparingly, you can always put more on, but you can't take any away.
  • Wear a robe or button front shirt when styling your hair, then you don't have to worry about ruining your hair when you undress.
  • A sleek low ponytail with a deep side part is super simple and can look very stylish with pretty accessories.
Do it yourself wedding hair can be done, it just takes practice and patience.

What color should I dye my hair before my wedding?

Color Me Fabulous

Coloring your hair before your wedding is a good idea for any bride to be. Share your ideas and thoughts with your stylist and be open to her opinion and suggestions. Start working toward your haircolor goal several months before the big day. Soft, subtle highlights or color glazes are great options for brides because both will leave hair with plenty of shine and dimension. Also, no matter which color you choose, have your roots touched up one to two weeks before your wedding. If you are lucky enough to have a naturally beautiful haircolor, keep it but a week before your wedding get a deep conditioning treatment for maximum shine. Keep your haircolor a natural looking hue for the wedding and remember that pre-wedding haircolor experimentation isn't such a good idea.

How can I achieve great wedding hair if my hair is short?

Short Styles

Brides come in many shapes and sizes and so does their hair. Beautiful bridal hair isn't reserved for brides with long flowing locks. There are plenty of options for brides with shorter styles, too. Hair accessories give short hairstyles options without adjusting the length of your locks.

Messy texture is a good option for informal weddings. Scrunch wet hair with mousse, diffuse with a blow dryer and then secure your veil. Sleek and polished styles are a great way to show off shiny strands. Try this by slicking a small amount of pomade through damp hair, combing a side part into your strands and then keeping it all in place with a sparkly barrette.

Another way to give the illusion of longer hair is a faux up do. If your hair is chin to shoulder length, twist up sections in the back and fan out the hair to make it look as if you have longer hair. Then, side sweep your bangs in the front for a classic look. No matter what your hair length, there are plenty of options to suit your style. Look through magazines and online for ideas and inspiration for short styles.

How can I accessorize my wedding hair style?


Finding the perfect hair accessories plays a huge role in your hair style. There are great options for making your hairdo dazzle. Beaded barrettes, colorful clips, sparkly tiaras, heavenly headbands, fresh flowers and the traditional veil are all beautiful options.

Tying in your hair accessories with the theme of the wedding is also a good idea. For example, if you are to be wed on the beach, a fresh flower in your hair will keep your hairstyle tied in with your overall wedding theme. Another example of incorporating your wedding theme into your hairstyle is by substituting a tiara for a veil if your wedding is of the regal and royal type. No matter what your hairstyle, there are plenty of wonderful hair accessories to go with it.

Bridal hair accessories are easily found in bridal boutiques and beauty supply shops. Keep in mind that before you choose your hair accessories, you should have a good idea on what your wedding hairstyle will look like.

What hairstyles should I have my bridesmaids wear?

Bridesmaid Hair

As a bride, you have put plenty of thought into what kind of hairstyle you would like on your wedding day. But have you put any thought into your bridesmaids' hair? Planning what your bridesmaids' hairstyles will look like will reduce stress for your bridesmaids and their hairstylists. Traditionally, bridesmaids all have the same hairstyle. It can be something simple like a low ponytail or something extravagant like a chignon. If you choose to have all the bridesmaids with the same hairstyle, try and pick a style that would be flattering on all of them. Another route would be to let the bridesmaids choose their own hairstyles. This makes each girl unique and let's their personalities shine through. Whatever you decide for the bridesmaid hairstyles, try and choose something everyone can agree upon.

Can I make my hair grow for my wedding?

Growing Long Locks

If you are looking to grow your hair out before the big day, start growing your locks up to a year ahead of time. Hair grows about half of an inch per month so you need to give yourself enough time to get it your ideal length. Getting regular haircuts throughout the growth process will help maintain the health of your hair and keep split ends tame. While there is no magic treatment to make your hair grow faster, it's proven that eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and massaging your scalp will increase the growth rate of hair follicles. Once you have reached the perfect length, maintain it with haircuts every six to eight weeks and your last haircut before the wedding should be two weeks prior.

Where can I find the perfect hairstyle for my wedding?

Finding Your Hairstyle

Brides often wonder where to start when they are looking for the perfect wedding hairstyle. The answer is everywhere ! There is an abundant amount of resources out there for brides to be, so it should be easy to find the perfect hairstyle. Look in magazines, online wedding sites and watch television shows for inspiration. You should narrow your options down to three different looks and bring the pictures with you to your hair stylist. Your stylist can help you to decide which would be the best selection for you. Keep in mind that when you are looking through magazines and pictures, be realistic about your hairstyle. Choosing an intricate up do if you have a pixie cut is not going to be a realistic hairstyle for you. Don't get discouraged with your search. With all your wedding hair style sources out there, you are bound to find something amazing.

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