Bridesmaid Hair

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What hairstyles should I have my bridesmaids wear?

Bridesmaid Hair

As a bride, you have put plenty of thought into what kind of hairstyle you would like on your wedding day. But have you put any thought into your bridesmaids' hair? Planning what your bridesmaids' hairstyles will look like will reduce stress for your bridesmaids and their hairstylists. Traditionally, bridesmaids all have the same hairstyle. It can be something simple like a low ponytail or something extravagant like a chignon. If you choose to have all the bridesmaids with the same hairstyle, try and pick a style that would be flattering on all of them. Another route would be to let the bridesmaids choose their own hairstyles. This makes each girl unique and let's their personalities shine through. Whatever you decide for the bridesmaid hairstyles, try and choose something everyone can agree upon.



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