Pre-Wedding Hair Pampering

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Pre-Wedding Hair Pampering

Pre-wedding pampering often includes massages, facials and manicures but don't overlook pre-wedding hair pampering before your wedding day as well. Pampering your hair before the wedding can make a dramatic and positive impact on the way your hair looks, feels and behaves on your wedding day. Pre-wedding pampering includes:

  • Regular haircuts. Once every six to eight weeks will keep your hair in tip-top shape for the big day.
  • Color maintenance. Maintaining your color will ensure that it always looks fresh and bright. This is particularly important for all the pre-wedding events you will be attending.
  • Deep conditioning treatments. These will help seal moisture into your hair, as well as repair damaged locks.
  • Scalp massages. Add this service onto your regular hair treatments for a few minutes of bliss. A scalp massage will help increase circulation which will give you healthier hair that grows at an optimal speed.
Remember that taking care of your hair before the wedding is just as important as any other beauty regimen on your list.



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