The Perfect ‘Do for You

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How can I make sure I'm happy with my wedding hairstyle?

The Perfect ‘Do for You

A typical predicament for a bride is choosing a hairstyle for her wedding day. You want to look your best on your big day, but you still want to look like you. Look through pictures in wedding magazines to get ideas for your perfect hairdo. Choose a hairstyle based on the gown that you will wear. If your gown is simple, you can pull off a more intricate hairstyle. However, if your gown is more on the elaborate side, the hairstyle should be more subdued. Bring your pictures and ideas to your stylist to get her opinion. You can schedule a time with your stylist to do a few hair dress rehearsals. This will give you better ideas of how the hairstyles look on you and will help you narrow down your choices. Remember, no matter what style you choose, pick a hairstyle that will be comfortable for you to wear all day long.



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