Wedding Day Quick Fix Bag

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What items do I need in case of a wedding day crisis?

Wedding Day Quick Fix Bag

Packing these important items in a wedding day quick fix bag will help save you in a wedding day crisis situation:

-Brush and comb

-Bobby pins




-Mending kit


-Crazy glue

-Double stick tape

-Any medication you currently take






-Toothpaste and brush

-Safety pins


-White chalk

-Baby wipes

-Clear nail polish or nail polish that matches the color you will wear the day of the wedding

-Tampons or sanitary pads

-Stain remover cloths

-Zit medication

-Protein Bar

-Eye drops


-Cell phone

Give the emergency bag to a friend or bridesmaid to have with them on the wedding day. Having all these essential items in one bag will make sure that in case of a bridal emergency, you will be prepared.



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