Top 5 Urban Wedding Beauty Myths

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What are the top 5 urban legends of wedding beauty?

Top 5 Urban Wedding Beauty Myths

There have been so many urban legends and myths floating around about what to do in a wedding day emergency situation. Here are our top 5:

1. Myth: Putting toothpaste on your pimple the night before the wedding will dry it up by morning.

Truth: Actual toothpaste may have a drying effect on the pimple, but it could also irritate sensitive skin and cause a bad reaction. It's probably best to stick with a medicated clearing serum or cream for an unexpected pimple instead.

2. Myth: Icing down your face the day of your wedding will shrink your pores.

Truth: Your pores can never be shrunk. They will always be the same size that they always have been and so on. However, you can give the illusion of smaller pores by using a face mask that tightens your skin. Note to bride: These types of masks will tighten your skin, not your pores and it's best to not try any new beauty treatment the day of your wedding.

3. Myth: If I eat chocolate the day before my wedding, I will wake up with a breakout.

Truth: There is no scientific evidence to support the fact that chocolate or sweets will cause a breakout. So go ahead and indulge a little, just don't go overboard or you'll wake up with an extra pound, not an extra pimple.

4. Myth: Shampooing your hair with beer the day of your wedding will give you extra volume and thicker hair strands.

Truth: Beer may help thicken your individual hair strands and make it appear plumper, but you will smell like BEER! Instead of shampooing with beer, try using a volumizing shampoo to give your hair a thicker appearance.

5. Myth: Preparation H can de-puff your swollen eyes on the morning of the wedding.

Truth: Preparation H is not meant for your delicate eye area, so it can cause eye irritation and drying of the skin around your eyes as well. Instead, use an eye cream specifically for this issue.



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