Beautiful Brows Make a Beautiful Bride

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What color do I fill in my brows with?

Beautiful Brows Make a Beautiful Bride

Perfectly shaped brows can make a dramatic and striking impact on your entire face. Follow these tips for beautiful brows on your wedding day:

-For blondes, color in your brows one shade darker than your hair color to make them stand out and to frame your face.

-Brunettes should have brows that are one to two shades lighter than their hair color so that their eyebrows don't look too harsh.

-For barely there brows, fill them in with a powder eyebrow color.

-Taming unruly brows is easy with an eyebrow brush sprayed with a bit of hairspray or use a clear mascara to tame them.

-To control lengthy brow hairs, comb brows straight up and trim excess hair with facial hair scissors, then comb straight down and trim up excess as well.

A professional esthetician should be shaping your eyebrows every two to three weeks, but in between you should tweeze any stray strands to keep your brows looking beautiful.



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