Accentuating Your Assets

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Should I accentuate my eyes, lips or both when applying makeup?

Accentuating Your Assets

If you are one of those lucky brides that have alluring eyes, you should highlight them with pretty eye makeup on your wedding day. And if you are a bride with those luscious lips, you should emphasize them with a great lip color. But you should not call attention to both.

When you call attention to both your eyes and lips, you can end up looking more like a colorful clown than a blushing bride. To accentuate beautiful eyes, line them with dark eyeliner. Also, using rich eye shadow colors on your lids will help dramatize the eyes. When accentuating the eyes this way, downplay the lips by using a nude or flesh colored lipstick.

If you want to make your pout pretty and as vivid as can be, use a lip color that has some depth to it. You can use virtually any color, so long as it makes your lips really stand out. Crimson red, mahogany and pinks are some bridal favorites. When you emphasize your lips, try to use neutral eye shadow colors along with just a coat or two of mascara on the eyes.



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