Getting Luscious Lashes

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How can I get long lashes for my wedding day?

Getting Luscious Lashes

Ok, so you weren't born with long lashes. That's why they invented false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. You can still have amazing eyelashes with a little help.

False eyelashes come in individual as well as strip form. Strip eyelashes are much easier for the beginner to apply. They both come in a variety of colors, lengths and thicknesses for you're choosing. After application, false eyelashes will last a day or two. A medium length and black colored lashes will usually work with most brides.

Eyelash extensions are individual eyelashes that are glued on to yours and will last several weeks. They are typically done by a professional and cost upwards of $100. If you choose false eyelashes, it's best to get the products ahead of time so that you can practice several times on yourself before the big day. And if you choose eyelash extensions, leave it to the professionals to make you look your best. Either option will leave you with the luscious lashes you've always wanted..



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