Tearproof Your Makeup With Magical Mascara

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What mascara should I use on my wedding day?

Tearproof Your Makeup With Magical Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a necessity on your wedding day so make sure you bring it to your makeup appointment. No one wants their wedding day glow to be overshadowed by big black streaks running down their face.

When applying waterproof mascara, take your time to coat every single lash. Waterproof mascara is not usually made to lengthen, thicken or curl your lashes, so you have to spend time applying it to make it look as flawless as some other mascara brands. Another tip to tear proof your wedding is to blot, not wipe or rub your tears with Kleenex. Blotting your tears soaks up wetness without disturbing the rest of your makeup like wiping or rubbing them would. So for a streak free wedding day, make sure you remember that waterproof mascara and blot, don't rub those tears away.



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