Classic Wedding Makeup Ideas

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Classic Wedding Makeup Ideas

You can't go wrong with a classic color palate for your wedding look. Some bridal makeup ideas will tell you that being different and edgy will make you happy, but you don't want your grandchildren to wonder who taught you how to apply wedding makeup.

If you look at magazines for tips on how to apply eye makeup for bride and bridal party you may find tips that aren't appropriate for long-term photo enjoyment. Stick with a neutral palate of browns (even going a little into gold for subtle flair) – tips for bridal beauty are everywhere, but follow what looks best on you to get the best look for your wedding. if you have accessories like bridal earrings, make sure they match.

Of course, if you are having any kind of a theme wedding, makeup tips will vary based on that theme – the most important thing to know is that if you don't know how to do make up for the bride or bridal party, start calling around to find professionals to help. You shouldn't have to worry about makeup on your wedding day. Stick with what will make you feel comfortable, as a bride, you'll have enough to make you feel amazing, you really don't need an overemphasis on your makeup to take away from your natural glow.



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