Select a Gem

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What should I look for when buying a diamond?

Select a Gem

If your man has proposed, but you get to choose the gem, use these tips to guide you to the perfect ring. Remember the 4 C's of choosing a diamond:

1. Clarity. This is the clearness or purity of the ring. Stones often have inclusions, which are flaws, so the clarity describes how flawed they are. The clarity scale reads from flawless to I3, which means that the diamond has very obvious flaws and inclusions.

2. Color. This describes the amount of color that your stone contains. The color range reads from D, which is colorless to Z. Diamonds range from colorless to light yellow. Then there are colored diamonds as well.

3. Cut. The cut is the proportions, finish, symmetry, and polish of the diamond. A fine or premium cut gives the most sparkle to a stone. Popular cuts or shapes include: Princess, round, cushion, pear and marquis cuts.

4. Carat. This is the weight of the stone. One carat is equal to 0.20 grams. The bigger the carat the bigger the stone.

Be sure to have your ring properly sized so that it will be perfectly displayed on your finger. And remember to keep the 4 C's in mind when purchasing your engagement ring.



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