Beautiful Hands

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How can I make my hands look perfect to show off my new engagement ring?

Beautiful Hands

With a new ring on your finger, you want to make sure your hands look perfect. Getting regular manicures will ensure that your ring (and ring-finger) always look its best! In addition to consistent manicures, take care of any age or sun spots and wrinkles that can make your hands look older than they should.

To get rid of dark spots caused by aging or sun damage, use products with 2% hydroquinone or 2% kojic acid in them. These ingredients work well on their own or together to quickly reduce or get rid of the look of dark spots. You should see results within two months of using these products. For wrinkles, use an anti-aging hand cream to firm up the skin on your hands. Anti-aging hand creams that include vitamins, antioxidants and sunscreen will work best to beat the signs of wrinkles on your hands. Keep up this routine to have beautiful hands by the wedding.



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