Picking the Perfect Dress

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How can I find the perfect wedding gown?

Picking the Perfect Dress

With the array of choices for you wedding dress, it can be a difficult decision when it comes to what you want. These tips will help you choose the perfect dress for you:

  • Look through magazines and catalogs and tear out pictures that peak your interest.
  • Only look at gowns within your price range. There is no sense in looking at dresses you cannot afford.
  • Keep an open mind when choosing a dress style, narrow down your choices after you've tried a variety of styles on. Then you can see what style looks best on you.
  • Place your order several months ahead of time. Take into consideration that you will need several fittings before the dress is ready so you should allow enough time for this.
  • Don't bring too many friends or family members with you. Two or three people are a sufficient amount to gather opinions.
  • White doesn't always flatter every skin tone. Other options such as ivory and diamond white will often compliment darker skin tones better.
  • Wedding gown sizes tend to run small. Don't stress if the size is one or two sizes larger than you typically wear. That being said, don't purchase a gown that is in a size that you hope to fit into before the wedding. Purchase one in the size you currently wear and have a seamstress do multiple fittings if end up losing weight.
  • Don't purchase your gown the same day you see it. A wedding dress isn't an impulse purchase.
  • Once you've purchased the wedding dress, stop shopping. You have found what you are looking for, there is no need to look any further.
Your wedding gown should flatter your figure and enhance your best parts. Keep in mind that the dress you choose should be classic and beautiful in your eyes.



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