When Something Goes Wrong at a Wedding

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When Something Goes Wrong at a Wedding

The best way to keep things from going wrong at a wedding is to be prepared. Things that can go wrong at a wedding are as varied as a wedding dress mishap or the wrong kind of flowers or food. If you have a sewing kit handy you can take care of most any bridal gown problems that arise, and if you make sure to check with the waiters as soon as the food comes out and doesn't look right, you can make sure you aren't going to run into any dietary concerns with your guests.

If you see your tables and they look bare, check with your wedding coordinator or ask your maid of honor to check with the staff to see where your wedding favors went. Delegate any problems that arise so you can enjoy yourself during the reception. Turn your private episode of weddings gone wrong into letting others help you solve problems. You have enough on your mind without having to worry about what happened to your special cake topper. You have people more than happy to take care of those little issues for you so you can enjoy your big day.

From your bridal party to your last guest, all eyes are going to be on you and how beautiful you look in your bridal gown. Keep your cool and remember that everyone is going to remember your day as special no matter what happens or goes wrong. Enjoy yourself!



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