Solving Common Wedding Mishaps

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Solving Common Wedding Mishaps

You've planned everything down to the last detail. You're sure everything is going to be perfect. Then you notice as you're walking down the aisle that the flowers are bright pink and baby blue. These are the wrong wedding colors and they clash with your midnight blue bridesmaids that are looking at the flowers and trying to figure out what you were thinking. And don't even get us started on the wedding favors. Not everyone wants toilet paper with the wedding date printed on it.

This is just one of the hundred things that can happen not the way you planned. From the wrong wedding dress to wedding parties gone wrong there are many things that go wrong at a wedding. No matter how much you have planned and prepared, what can go wrong at my wedding ceremony is a question every bride asks before the big day.

The key is to remember before you walk down the aisle and before you attend your reception that something is pretty much bound to go wrong at some point. But of all the things that go wrong at a wedding, the only things your guests will notice are the things you point out to them as wrong. If you keep your cool and act like you meant to have a bright pink cake with dice on top, your guests won't think twice about it, and neither should you. Don't let something small get in the way of remembering why you got married in the first place.



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