Preserving Your Wedding Dress

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Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Once you've gotten through the ceremony and the reception, you need to decide what to do with your wedding dresses and gowns your bridal party wore. In most cases, bridesmaids will keep the dresses and attempt to find an occasion to wear them again. White wedding dresses, in almost all cases, are a once-only dress and you will be looking into wedding gown preservation so you can keep your dress like new until you have a niece or daughter that might want to wear your dress for their wedding.

Wedding gown preservation is not very expensive, and should be done as soon as possible after the wedding. The preservation company will clean and remove the stains from the dress and package it in an airtight seal so it will not yellow over time. That way when you open the box in twenty or so years so a little one that got big can try it on…it will be as fresh and beautiful as it was the morning of your wedding.

Keeping the memory of your wedding alive is what bridal gown preservation does. It allows generations to share in the history of how they got here, and teaches lessons about why people get married and how to be truly happy.



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