Wearing Your Wedding Dress

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Wearing Your Wedding Dress

Bridal gowns are made to be beautiful. Even the simplest of wedding dress styles, once on a bride, transforms into a dress that begs to be looked at and complimented. Wedding dresses do need to be worn a little differently than normal dresses, and here are some tips to keep your wedding gowns from becoming a wedding downer.

Designate a Bathroom Buddy

It's a fact of life – you are probably going to have to go to the bathroom while you're wearing the dress of your dreams. If you find you have to go to the ladies' room while you're wearing your wedding dress, choose a bathroom buddy in advance so you can tap her on the shoulder and have her come with you. Unless you have the most simple dress, you will need help getting your dress to a safe place so you can take care of business.

Keep Track of Your Train

If your wedding dress has a train, make sure you keep track of where it's at. People are too busy looking at your glowing face during a wedding to keep track of where the bottom of your dress is. If you don't want to get stepped on, make sure you're not dragging under your guests' feet. A seamstress can add a bustle to your dress that will keep your train buttoned up where it belongs.

Keep That White Wedding Dress White

Try and keep an eye on what people are drinking at your wedding. If you see a toddler with grape juice or an adult with a wine glass, keep your distance. You can still hug and smile and take all the pictures your heart desires, just make sure your guests put down the drinks first. A white wedding dress is a magnet for spills and stains. Avoid the problem by having people put down the drinks before throwing their arms around you.



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