How to Look Your Best for Your Wedding Photos

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How to Look Your Best for Your Wedding Photos

If you want to know how to look good in your wedding photos, you only have to think of it in sections.

Soft Skin

How to look good in wedding photos starts with your skin. You've gotten beautiful bridal party dresses; you don't want to look stressed and dried out for the most important pictures you're going to take. Drink your water. The number one way to making sure you look great head to toe is to keep your skin hydrated. Don't use any harsh cleansers and be kind to your skin in the days and weeks before the wedding.

Terrific Teeth

The most common question people ask is some form of, “How to keep my teeth clear for wedding photos?” Sometimes they are referring to making sure they don't have a piece of something green from the dinner salad while photos are being taken, and sometimes it refers to making sure your teeth are as white as possible for dazzling photo shots.

Happy Hair

If your hair is color treated, get a touch up a couple days before the big day. You don't want to get it done the morning of in case there is some unforeseen mishap that turns your hair into a disaster. Get your wedding hairstyle done a few weeks in advance by doing a trial run with your hairdresser. That way there are no hair surprises when you go in the morning of the wedding. Also, don't make any sudden changes in your shampoo or conditioner right before your wedding day; you don't want a last-minute allergic reaction to have you scratching your head down the aisle.



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