The Magic of Wedding Photo Frames

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The Magic of Wedding Photo Frames

Looking for some unique ideas to make your wedding photos look amazing? Look no further! From wedding favors that are frames to giving frames to your bridal party after the pictures come in from the photographer, David's Bridal has everything you need when you want to know how to look your best in wedding photos.

Wedding Picture Frames – Keep in mind when you're getting your pictures taken what colors are in the scene, and then get frames that will accent and bring out those colors. If you are having a fall wedding and are getting a picture in front of a beautiful tree with leaves turning color – find a great gold or even dark wood frame to bring out the colors of the leaves and make your wedding pictures look like an instant classic.

Dress for Success – Instead of choosing flower girl dresses that are white, scaled down versions of your dress, consider a dash of color. When you frame it up, get a frame that matches the color in the flower girl dress. The same idea will work great for bridal party dresses. If the dresses are mostly maroon with a little bit of white or silver trim, matching the trim will bring out the details of the photo, making it look fantastic.



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