Bridal Gloves - Like a Scene From a Movie

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Bridal Gloves - Like a Scene From a Movie

While the thought of wearing wedding gloves might make you think of an old movie, those retro looks are all the rage and might be just what you need to turn your wedding from a pretty party to an elegant affair. Imagine taking your long, white satin bridal glove from your hand before your fiancée slides your wedding ring onto your finger. It would be like a scene from a classic, beautiful movie. With some attention to pre-wedding skin care it doesn't have to be a fantasy; this scene could be part of your wedding day.

Of course, you want your gloves to be a choice, not a requirement to hide the dry skin on your hands because you neglected bridal skin care on your to-do list. The skin care before wedding day should focus on light exfoliation and moisture. The more moisturized your skin is, the more it will appear to glow from within. Taking the time to shape up your skin for wedding perfection will mean that when you take that glove off of your hand, your lovely fingers will make that wedding ring look fantastic.



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