Less is More for Bridal Makeup

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Less is More for Bridal Makeup

Knowing that all eyes are going to be on you for your wedding day will probably have you searching for bridal makeup tips and the perfect resource for how to apply bridal makeup. No matter how much you search, bridal make up information is highly personalized based on who wrote the article and you need something you feel is bridal beauty tips made just for you.

The most important rule for bridal make up is to make sure it does not clash with any of the wedding colors or jewelry in the wedding party. If you have, as your something old or borrowed, a pair of your grandmother's green emerald bridal earrings – don't wear bright blue eye shadow that will clash with those earrings.

Have you been shopping for beautiful wedding veils to wear as you walk down the aisle? Choose your wedding makeup looks so you don't end up with sticky lip gloss or brigtly colored lipstick on your veil you can't get off.

When you know you're going to have pictures taken, the temptation is to wear a little more eye makeup than usual to make sure your eyes “pop” in the photos. Wedding makeup looks always emphasize the eyes, and you may be tempted to put on more eyeliner or eyeshadow than you normally would. Remember that the eyes are emphasized in photos because when you're getting married your eyes will show a wide array of beautiful emotions – magazines need to put more makeup on the models because that emotion is hard to duplicate in a magazine ad. You will have amazing eyes because you will be experiencing beautiful emotions during your wedding. You don't have to put on all the eyeliner in your collection.



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