The Best Accessories for Your Hairstyle

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The Best Accessories for Your Hairstyle

Every hairstyle is special, and wedding-day hairstyles are no exception. Even if two brides have updos, based on the hair color, texture, and cut, those updos may look entirely different. There may be a bridesmaid with a pixie haircut that makes it necessary for all the bridesmaids to have updos so they can all wear the same wedding hair jewelry.

Short hair looks great with jeweled hair pins. The jeweled ends of these hair pieces are usually a bobby pin or a curled piece of wire that helps the jewels stay in place once in the hair. If your bridesmaids all have different hairstyles, these jeweled accessories can bring a sense of consistent style to your wedding party.

If you don't want your bridesmaids to have tiaras as big as yours, consider jeweled headbands. They can either match the bridesmaid dresses with a colored band or ribbon – or you can give your bridesmaids a headband made of metal and Swarovski crystals.

Whatever you choose for your bridesmaids make sure there is something each one has that is similar, that makes your bridal party look put together and elegant, which makes your bridal photos look even more professional and will make you feel your day was that much more special.



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