The Little Things Make a Bride Complete

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The Little Things Make a Bride Complete

Once you have your dress picked out and your hairstyle appointment booked, there
are other things a bride-to-be should look at before the big day so
they are not left to chance or a last minute run to the store by a
family member that may not know your style as well as you do. Here are
some wedding tips to make your wedding day complete.


Are you wearing pantyhose or tights on your
wedding day? The time of year as well as the
length of your dress will determine whether you want white tights, nude
pantyhose, or nothing at all. What will be most comfortable and
appropriate with your shoes? If you have open toe, you may not want
white tights peeking through the toe-hole. Make sure to try on your
tights or nylons before the big day with your shoes on to make sure the
look is what you want to achieve.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

If you believe in good luck omens, you're going to want to get
something old, new, borrowed and blue well before the day of your
wedding. You don't want to find yourself rushing around on the day of
your wedding hoping your grandmother or the groom's grandmother has
something old handy that you can use for the ceremony. Planning in
advance will have you prepared and ready with luck on your side. This
way you can have something from your grandmother that you really love,
not the fifteen year old handkerchief she just happens to have handy in
her purse.



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