When a Bridesmaid Refuses to go Sleeveless

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When a Bridesmaid Refuses to go Sleeveless

There's usually at least one bridesmaid who, when you ask her to be in your wedding party, will shriek with delight and then get serious and say, "But I won't wear a sleeveless dress." You, of course, say, "No problem!" What are you going to do, take back the invitation to be a bridesmaid? So now you've put yourself in the very uncomfortable place of having to choose bridesmaids dresses that you love, but conform to a specific requirement given by one of your bridesmaids. If all of your bridesmaids want sleeves, it makes it a little easier, but usually each bridesmaid will have specific needs and requirements for her dress...in your wedding.

Short of telling everyone they will wear what you want them to and not complain, you need to try and pick wedding party dresses that will work with what they want. This will create a happier wedding, because you will have happy bridesmaids. A great way to see what your bridal party will look like before you have them try on dresses and tell you what they like or don't like while you try to take notes and keep track is the David's Bridal online tool that will let you Dress Your Wedding. You can choose skin tone, hair style, body type, and facial features before you even try on a dress. Then you go through the online bridesmaid dress selections on the David's Bridal website and choose dresses based on what you like as well as your bridesmaid dress requirements. Many of the David's bridesmaid gowns have sleeve options that can be added, so you can either have one bridesmaid with sleeves, or all of your bridesmaids can have sleeves. Once you have chosen the bridal party gowns that you love and they can live with, go into your local David's Bridal to try them on in person. You'll have a lot more fun knowing what you've chosen will make your bridesmaids happy.



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