Happy, Beautiful Bridesmaids

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Happy, Beautiful Bridesmaids

You are going to get married! The first thing is to tell your friends and family and ask those nearest and dearest to you to be your bridesmaids. Once you know who will be walking ahead of you down the aisle, it is time to pick out bridesmaid dresses for your party. The choice of bridesmaid gowns is going to determine if you have happy bridesmaids or cranky bridesmaids, so you need to choose wisely. When it comes to your wedding party dresses, start by asking your bridesmaids what they don't want. Find out if there are things that are common to all the ladies in your bridal party.

If there are differences, such as one bridesmaid refusing to wear a sleeveless dress or another who wants a knee-length bridesmaid dress instead of a floor-length one, you can still have a wedding party that looks like it matches. Use the David's Bridal Dress Your Wedding tool online and dress each of your bridesmaids the way they want to be dressed - you'll be able to see right on your computer screen if it will look fantastic or tragic as you walk down the aisle. When you've come up with dresses for bridesmaids you know they'll love, print your results and go into your local David's Bridal for a trying-on party. Everyone will have fun trying on dresses they'll love to wear.



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