A Regular Rub Down

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How often should I get a massage for stress relief?

A Regular Rub Down

Regular massages throughout the wedding planning process can help a bride relax, rejuvenate, ease tension and help with circulation. A series of massages will give the most benefits, so plan on scheduling massages regularly throughout your wedding planning. If visiting a massage therapist regularly doesn't fit into your budget, exchange massages with your sweetie. Here are some tips for a DIY couples massage:

  • Use lotions or oils to avoid painful friction.
  • Always start out with a light massage and increase pressure if required.
  • Don't massage on the bone. This can be painful and take away from a relaxed state of mind.
  • Keep the massage in the 10-15 minute range. This will ensure that the massager doesn't get too tired and the one being massaged doesn't get too relaxed to reciprocate.
Whether you get a professional massage or one from your fiancé, the point is to take a little time out to pamper and indulge yourself on a regular basis.



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