Guilt Free Dining

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Guilt Free Dining

Being a bride to be means plenty of celebratory drinks, dinners and even cake tastings. It could be very easy to get off track with your diet and even gain a few pounds with all these temptations. Here are some great ways to enjoy eating out without the guilt.

  • Order wine over margaritas or daiquiris. You'll save yourself hundreds of calories and added sugar, plus you'll get a dose of antioxidants.
  • Choose to drink water with lemon over sodas and juice.
  • Ask the waiter to take the bread basket away. White bread is just added sugar, starch and carbs.
  • Instead of a typical fat loaded side dish such as French fries or buttery mashed potatoes, choose a side salad or vegetables.
  • For the main course order lean proteins such as fish or chicken and order them grilled. Avoid cream sauces since they are the fattiest.
  • When the waiter brings you your main course, cut it in half and only eat one half, take the other half home in a to-go box for tomorrow's lunch or dinner.
  • Skip dessert, you'll be doing plenty of cake tasting later.
It isn't too hard to stick to your diet with these easy ways to stay healthy while eating out.



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